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Pro Motion

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Pro Motion

STORM - Pro Motion

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There are a lot of components of the ball which need to all match up and work together in order for a ball to be successful and produce the desired reaction. It’s not just the cover. It’s not just the core. It’s not just the surface. One must combine all of those elements properly and still take many other factors into account as well in order for a ball to produce superior motion. This one is amazing!


When it comes to PBA Major Championships, Jason Belmonte leads the pack, and we’re not talking just among active players, we are talking ALL TIME! With 11 Majors under his belt, each and every one of them won with Storm, Jason knows what it takes to win. And healso knows exactly what coverstocks and cores to use at any given time in order to achieve the very best opportunity to knock all ten pins over on one shot!
To create this very special PRO-Motion, Jason teamed up with Hank Boomershine, Storm’s VP-Research and Development to create a weight block design that is unique and benefits bowlers of all styles. It is a dynamic symmetrical piece that has some very unique characteristics. You can see the channels on the sides of the Piston Core and the large band through the equator which displaces the mass in a very specific way.
To showcase the ball motion and expose any weaknesses in the oil pattern, we wrapped the core with our SPEC coverstock which earned accolades in the industry as it was introduced with the Crux™Prime. It ignores heavy oil while maintaining a strong motion through the backends. Controllable, predictable aggression. You have to experience it to believe it.

  • Superficie Solida
  • Superficie (Nome) SPEC
  • Tipo di nucleo Simmetrico
  • Finitura 2000-Grit Abralon
  • RG 2.52
  • Differenziale 0.049
  • Flare potenziale Alto
  • Condizioni piste Oliatura media-pesante
  • Linea di prodotto Signature
  • Data di rilascio Lug. 2019
  • Fascia di prezzo 176 € - 200 €

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