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Super Soniq

Super Soniq

STORM - Super Soniq

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179,99 €



In continuum mechanics, the Theory of Sonics is the transmission of energy through vibrations.  The  coefficient  of  restitution  can  be  defined  as  the  ratio  of  the  final  to  initial velocity difference between two objects after they collide. We’ve harnessed more energy than ever in the all-new Son!Q


The Son!Q is the progeny of one of the most dominant shapes in the Storm lineage: the Centripetal™ Core. Since its inception, the evolution of the design can be traced across the Centripetal™ Low Flare Core, C3™ Centripetal Control Core,  and  now  the  Centripetal  HD  Core.  When  a  ball  makes  impact  and  doesn’t have a direction of motion that is in-line with the centers of gravity of the pins, some of the  energy  that  would  have  been  available  for  the  post-collision pin  velocity  will  be  lost  to  rotation  and  friction.  Because  the  Centripetal  HD  Core’s  center  of  gravity  is  extremely  low,  it  consistently impacts the pins at the perfect spot every time, maximizing carry. The engine is important, but we can’t forget about the part of the ball that’s in contact with the lane. We recently placed our NRG Hybrid formula on another Storm ball – the PhysiX™ - and the  feedback  has  been  phenomenal.  Seeing  how  this  coverstock  would  perform  on  a  low  RG  symmetrical core piqued our curiosity, and we’re glad it did. The Super Son!Q bridges the gap between the Master™ line and the Premier™ line seamlessly. Expect this ball to be the perfect transition between the PhysiX and the Son!Q™. The Super Son!Q assumes its place on the throne next to other iconic balls in Storm’s lineage.

  • Coverstock Hybrid
  • Coverstock Name NRG™ Hybrid Reactive
  • Core type Symmetric
  • Factory Finish 3000-Grit Abralon
  • RG 2.47
  • Differential 0.047
  • Flare Potential Medium-High
  • Lane Condition Medium-Heavy oil
  • Product line Master
  • Release Date Mar. 2019
  • Price range 176 € - 200 €

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